01 Agustus 2009

new boyfriend :) yaayyy !!

heheiiii people's :) how yaa ? wish u all well :) long time no see , huhh ? sorry bout that . i was busy with my study . hhuuuffftt :/ by the way , i have a very gud news for yaa all :D u know what ? now i'm not single anymore :)) asadaaaappp now , i have a boy friend . his name is 'DM' :D sorry , can't tell u ! let time make u know ;) just pray for me ya ! hope he'll b d best for me :) hmmmm , okeeeiii ! c ya later all :) muchLove, cTy :)

25 Juli 2009

want my holiday so bad :'(

kapan knk qt m lbuur ? omiigosh !! need holideii so much :( yg laen so liburan entah dmn , qt msii da brgumul den tgs2 ! huuuhhhh .
Nasiiiiiibbb ! Nasiiiiiiibbb ! Just let it flo ..
Bluum tnang le inii msii d tnggu yudisium .. give pray for me nehh :)
hmmmmmmm then , wanna continuin' my task ! keep hardworkin' ! hope it'll b end earlier !

LovedUall :*

08 Juli 2009

1st time NYONTRENG ☑ !!

Hey all !
maav bru ngpost . bru smpet nii . hhe :)
eia , dah pada ☑ blom ? ehehehe aku bru prtama kalii nih . katro bgt sihh yaa kdgrnnya . hho :p pada nyontreng apa nii ? klo aku ☑ SBY-BOEDIONO ! LANJUTKAN ! ahahaha :)) mudahan ajja kpilih trus pilihannya ngga salah :) sesuai hati nurani tuhh :D

bdw , happy birthday GRANDMA :) wish u healthy n' all the best ! LOVE U :)

with love, cTy :)

30 Juni 2009

biongo , bogo , bodok , bego !!

apa xo kw sbnrnya nn p mxd ?
yg qt inga , nn pnah blg bgni p qt :
1. qt m brubah cuma for nn
2. qt m se pts qt p maitua klo nn ska
3. qt nd syg qt p maitua skg , t cma syg p nn ! sungguh mati sumpah demi TUHAN
4. qt brani lakukan apapun 4 nn
5. qt nd prnah main2 den nn , sumpah mati qt serius den nn
6. nn nd prnah kse ksmpatan p qt 4 m tnjukan itu smw
7. sudahlaahh . nti waktu yg bktikan smw !


klo nn m tw ?! qt xo pcy den smw yg nn d blg ! tpi qp dsaat qt so pcy , slalu nn p klakuan sndiri yg bqnk qt p kpcayaan ilank ?! naahhh ? nn p mw sbnrnya apa sohh ? yg nn d bqn skg , den yg nn d blg2 itu smua bedaa ! bertolak blkg 180 drajat ! salah xo klo qt bpqr nn nd srius ? salah klo qt bpqr nn cman m bbdsta akg p qt ?
qt xo tw nn p jwbn dri qt p ptnyaan itu ! pling nn m jwb 'ini noh nn . nn kan mmg nd j pcy p qt . co kw pcy p qt' itu toh nn m jwb ?

25 Juni 2009

that's all i want :)

I gotta say what's on my mind . Something about us doesn't seem right these days . Life keeps getting in the way . Whenever we try , somehow the plan is always rearranged .It's so hard to say . But I've gotta do what's best for us . So that u'll be ok .
I've got to move on and be who I am . I just don't belong here , i hope you understand . We might find our place in this world someday . But at least for now , I gotta go my own way without u !!

Is that all will be disappeared ?
Only u can answerin' that ! choose the best choise 4 all , not only 4 u !

23 Juni 2009

what's it all means ?

Do u ever talk ? But not listened . Do u ever doin' right ? But always be fault n' there is no opportunity . U aren't need me . I'm just a statue for u . Love isn't ur necessary ! But , u'll always in my mind . Although I can't get ur self . My soul is always b with u , Although u've been created not for me . Why this's forbidden love ? When I'm sure u r mine . Why our love can't b one ? When I'm sure there's no love besides urs ! If I can , give once more chance to b with him . Really love him . This feels really not proper n however I want still with him forever .
Is that false ?
can't explain that !

LovedUall :*

22 Juni 2009

wish i can ^^.

hii all bloggers :)

hmmm , finally I can do that :) u now what 'that' mean ? It's bout what I feels right now . Last sunday on 12.00 am , I already promise to my self that I must forget bout' him . I'm too tired with all of this . Everyday I think bout him , "where is he ? What's he do ? With who ?" But , I don't know if he think bout me or not ! hffftt , I think that's impposible thing . hahah :))
Finally I'm aware and I know he's not for me :) maybe somebody need him more . If u happy like this , I'll more happy than u . Hope this is the best way for us :)

for 'HIM' : find someone can make u happy , comfort , n' won't make u sigh . Thanks for all u done for me :) tq xo much for colourin my life :) *love u*

LovedUall :*

*will 4get u*